What are Gunite Pools?

There is a specific reason that Elite Pools and Outdoor Living specializes in gunite pools: we believe its distinctive style is the only option to build your luxury pool paradise.

Gunite is a concrete blend of sand, cement and water that’s applied through a high-pressure hose.

There is no other way to say it: gunite is the more durable option. It is built to last. Pool owners will often get 7-10 years of life out of a gunite pool before having to resurface it.

Gunite is also known in the pool industry for its versatility and offers up clients more variety of choices of pool shape and luxury amenities. The design possibilities are endless! There are limited design choices when going with a fiberglass or vinyl pool liner. You can have any size or shape that works best for your lifestyle with a gunite pool.

Overall, gunite pools look better and are more resilient. Is it the time to add a gunite pool to your backyard? Give us a call!